Festival Blues sur Seine

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The Mississippi Corporate Club

The Mississippi Club is the name of the Blues sur Seine Festival corporate club. It brings together a wide range of business leaders of the west area of Paris and local authorities with cultural, social and educational values.

Founded in 1999 in order to federate local industry around a project with artistic, social and educational aspect, the corporate club show the local firms commitment to be close to people of their district, by putting a lot in themselves in all the many projects of Blues sur Seine.

By giving a price at the "Tremplin Blues sur Seine", the French national blues contest, the members of the corporate club help the up and coming French blues talents to beging their career.

The Mississippi club is also the opportunity to have meetings between firms and local elective representative people during the "Mississippi evenings", these diner concerts that create a propitious atmosphere to promote an exchange of experiences between partners, develop a close relation between them and starting new projects.

By becoming a member of our Corporate Club, you will receive recognition and unique benefits and join a wide range of business leaders in the west area of Paris who have chosen to support the Blues sur Seine festival and all is particular aspects : Artistic area, Educational and School area, Social area and International cultural initiatives.

The festival would like to thanks and pay tribute to all the generous corporate club members without whom this festival would not be possible.

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