Festival Blues sur Seine

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Educational and School Area

Under the title of "Importance of music practice, performing arts and musical genres discovery", various activities take place in primary and secondary school before and during the Festival.




Primary school activities include an introduction harmonica playing and singing for more than 600 children six weeks before the festival that end with a school concert to the parents, included as one of the festival acts. Blues sur Seine also schedule concerts, theatre plays, different instruments presentations, puppet shows or travelling blues bus for more than 2,300 primary pupils.

In secondary schools are scheduled conferences-auditions that combine singing with the speech, performances by various artists from the festival, workshops by experts coming from U.S. and other specialized workshops aimed to teachers conferences working on mainstreaming, etc. All these activities gather more than 2,000 students and are also displayed in universities.




Blues sur Seine has also encouraged other initiatives such as producing a blues guide for teachers or a work and exercise book of different course subjects (math, english, history, geography....), all them related with blues music. This unique workbook, never realized before, is the result of a collaboration between the National Rail network foundation, which develop a program to fight against illiteracy, the local schools inspectorate (Ministry of education), teachers and blues specialists.

The festival has also organize a blues literary competition for primary schools, which provides for a collective or individual students to write a poem or a blues song where the wining ones are included in the blues workbook.
Lastly, Blues sur Seine had manage several "Teaching the Teachers" master class for Blues musicians and music teachers to develop classroom strategies around the blues...etc.

Few pages quote from "Mon Cahier du Blues" - Blues workbook for 8 to 11 years old schoolchildren.