Festival Blues sur Seine

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About Blues sur Seine

Since 1999, to the west of Paris, the Seine takes on an air of the Mississippi. For 16 days, several venues around Mantes-la-Jolie open their doors to renowned musicians and the up and coming talents of this style of music, a good deal more diverse than it might seem. More than 70 groups and musicians on the stages to the west of Paris bear witness to the eternal renaissance of the Blues, showing us that this genre has more and more offspring.

Each year in November, an entire region lives to the beat of the Blues sur Seine Festival. At the heart of Mantes in Yvelines and of the Val de Seine (France), about 160 events are organized during 16 days involving more than 70 renowned and budding artists in 99 locations throughout 31 participating small and medium villages in Paris' western suburbs.

Born in 1999 thanks to the initiative of a sociocultural centre in Mantes-la-Jolie, the festival have since 2002 his own legal form as a non profit organization. With the aim of revitalize the area of a region unfortunately much known as a marginalized and economic underdeveloped one, the festival has always working since its beginning to socialize young people through music and to promote the blues and its connexions to other popular music.

Since its first edition in 1999, the festival is divided into several areas of the same importance:


2013 Festival's line-up


Best-of 2012