Festival Blues sur Seine

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 CD Compilation Festival 2009 
1. ROKIA TRAORE (Mali) Zen
2. BJORN BERGE (Nor) Crazy Times
3. ARNO (Be) Miss Amérique
4. CALVIN RUSSELL (USA) Like a revolution
5. CISCO HERZHAFT (Fr) Cookin' the boogie
6. NINA VAN HORN (Fr) Sisters sisters
7. PAT THE WHITE (Can) Looking out the window
8. EGIDIO JUKE INGALA (It) I'm wrong
9. JAMES HUNTER (GB) The hard way
10. MONKEY JUNK (Can) Small time evil
11. BOB WALSH (Can) I'm a bluesman
12. BIG DEZ (Fr) You can smile
13. CJ CHENIER (USA) The desperate kingdom of love
14. PEACHES STATEN (USA) Long distance phone call
15. BLUES POWER BAND (Fr) The end...
16. DAGO RED (It) Sorry folks
17. J. JUMPER, B. MOE & DR BEKKEN (Nor) Cakewalk into town
18. DAVELL CRAWFORD (USA) Born with the funk